5 Ways to Start Turning Outward

1. Use a free "Harwood in a Half Hour" tool.

Download our free tools that you can use with your board, staff or community partners to help them experience what it means to Turn Outward.

2. Have Rich visit your community and speak.

Rich Harwood often keynotes events, especially in locations where there is potential interest in working together to embed the Turning Outward practice in the community. We work with our partner on the ground to set up additional meetings during the trip to maximize the opportunity. Contact us if you're interested.

3. Come to a Public Innovators Lab.

The best way to learn more about our work is to get trained in Turning Outward at a Harwood Public Innovators Lab. We have national Labs that are open to everyone and sometimes can make room at other community-based Labs for special guests. Learn more.

4. Host a Lab or Workshop.

If you and your partners are ready to go, consider hosting a community or network-based Public Innovators Lab or a smaller one-day or 1.5-day workshop. Learn more.

5. Partner with us.

Bring us into your network or community to work with you over time by providing training and coaching support or engaging with you around one of our special projects


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