Habiba Belguedj

Project Coordinator

Habiba Belguedj recently joined The Harwood Institute as a Project Coordinator following her most recent position as an Executive Program Assistant at The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading where she worked for two years. In her professional career, she has worked in administration, customer service, child development, education, the non-profit and social sector. She holds a master’s degree in Psychoanalysis from Paris 8: The University of Vincennes-Saint Denis and a master’s degree in International Relations from the American University of Paris with a focus on social integration for child refugees. 

At the American University of Paris, Habiba co-founded Baytna à Vous (BVSyria), translated as “Our Home for You,” a student-led initiative to help the transition of refugees, primarily Syrian, as Europe became their new home. She and her colleagues took it upon themselves to collaborate in this humanitarian duty. Of particular note, Habiba created a “Workshop Program” to help the Syrian children overcome the effects of trauma faced in their war-torn country. The program offered an informal setting where the Syrian children could participate in interventional activities that would help them overcome social-emotional challenges as well as build resilience. Drawing upon her experience and research in building these programs, Habiba focused her master’s thesis on this topic, “No Lost Generation: The Psychosocial Intervention and its Impact on Syrian Refugee Children, with a focus on Social Integration, Resiliency, and Social Ecology.” 

Over the years, Habiba has accumulated valuable experience in working directly with people in diverse communities, in academic as well as professional settings. As a complement to the many skills she has acquired, she is now responsible for tracking and guiding the execution of work across multiple projects at The Harwood Institute. She will also serve as a key liaison for staff and partners. Habiba's true passion is learning about other cultures through traveling, language, dancing, and trying different cuisines. Born in Algeria, her favorite culture is her own and she visits every chance she gets. In her spare time, you'll find her babysitting or binge-watching Turkish soap operas.

Phone: 301-656-3669, ext. 1002