Marla Crockett
Certified Coach

Marla Crockett is a public engagement coach from Chevy Chase, MD and a coach-in-training for The Harwood Institute.  She came to this work following a 30-year career in public broadcasting, primarily in Dallas, where she worked as a news anchor, producer and news manager.  Her desire to more authentically report on the community led to her involvement in civic journalism, a national reform movement that put the public at the center of news coverage, especially during political campaigns.  The Harwood Institute was a major intellectual influence as Marla innovated ways to help elevate community concerns and voices in local and statewide debates.

After leaving Texas, Crockett became a certified dialogue and deliberation practitioner through Fielding University in California and worked with the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, OH on projects designed to enhance the public's influence on issues with Washington officials.  She recently organized and coordinated a Kettering learning exchange with public stations that want to frame their stories more from the public’s vantage point.  

Crockett is past chair and continues to serve on the board of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, or NCDD, a national network of practitioners who work with communities to address their toughest problems.