Harwood to Partner with Brasil's Odebrecht Foundation

( Harwood Online ) The Harwood Institute and the Odebrecht Foundation have formed a collaborative partnership to exchange each other’s content and highlight public innovation in the United States and Brazil. Beginning in 2012, Harwood and Odebrecht will highlight stories of public innovators who are stepping forward to make change.  Each organization will exchange materials, articles and tools and disseminate through its individual networks that reach across the globe.

The Odebrecht Foundation is a private, non-profit organization maintained by Odebrecht Organization. Its mission is to educate the young for life, for work, for values and for limits. Since its inception, in 1965, the Odebrecht Foundation focuses on contributing to the formation of a structured population in family units, responsible for its own sustainable development. In projects supported, encourages the participation of youth as active subject, co-author, multiplier agent and promoter of social action. Protagonists of their destinies, these young people will constitute a new generation educated, healthy and structured for productive life, promoting, on an ongoing basis, their self-development.

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation inspires and guides people to step forward and take action rooted in their community and stay true to themselves. It works with individuals, organizations and communities to turn outward and develop their ability to make more intentional choices and judgments that lead to impact. Harwood is a trusted 25 year old institution that is taking its approach to scale to allow people to make these ideas their own and to be a force for change in public life.