Harwood to Inspire Kansas City United Way supporters to Turn Outward

Tomorrow, Rich will deliver the keynote address at the United Way of Greater Kansas City's 2012 Annual Meeting and Adele Hall Spirit of Caring Award Presentation. The event will bring together more than 600 community leaders from across the Kansas City metro area to celebrate the impact and contributions of United Way and its volunteers to the community. Drawing insights from our Main Street research and from more than 25 years of work in communities, Rich will talk about the critical need for organizations and individuals to turn outward to be more relevant and significant in the lives of their communities. This research, and Rich's message are particularly important for groups, like United Ways and others that are looking to mobilize citizens in a time where trust is in short supply.

Learning more about Main Street Rich's speech at the United Way of Greater Kansas City is part of our larger effort to share the insights and implications of the Main Street research we've been doing. As we prepare to release the results of our Main Street research, we are looking for individuals, groups and communities that are ready to turn outward and create change. We want to identify opportunities for groups across the country to join us in creating a thrust for change. If you're interested in having Rich speak to your group or helping to spread the forthcoming report locally contact Jennifer Barton on our team.