Introducing the Harwood Public Innovators Corps

Introducing the Harwood Public Innovators CorpsToday's guest-blogger is Cheryl Gorman, a Harwood Certified Mentor Coach and the Director of the Public Innovators Corps. She has twenty-five years of experience working on community change initiatives at the local and national level, and is known for her creativity and humour in finding innovative solutions. She lives in Ottawa, Canada. You have been following Rich’s blog, and you’ve been looking at some of the online Harwood tools - but have you also wondered how your organization might take a next step in turning outward toward your community? To complement group learning experiences such as the Intentionality Forum, the Institute is now introducing the Public Innovators Corps.

The Corps is made up of coaching professionals who have undergone a rigorous selection, training and certification process in the Harwood practice and approach. We are an extended team of the Institute and have been expressly chosen for our diverse experiences in community change, excellent relationship skills, proven track records for developing strategies in diverse and complex environments, as well as our ability to help others create pathways to change that achieve impact.

As coaches, we have been trained to help your organization select and use the Harwood tools that will best suit your current circumstances. Whether you would benefit from developing a community conversation strategy and theming the results or if you are planning a board retreat and want to encourage members to turn outward and think about more effective ways to move the community agenda forward, Harwood certified coaches are ready to support you.

Over the next few months we look forward to profiling individual coaches in the Public Innovators Corps. They will share tips and experiences working with Harwood frameworks and tools. We hope that you will reach out to them directly or through the Institute when you require short-term coaching support in turning outward.