Rich Harwood to provide insights during the Republican National Convention

As the Republican party gathers in Tampa to formally begin its presidential campaign, Rich Harwood will follow closely, commenting on the party's plans as they relate to engaging the community and bringing people together. In preparation for his soon to be released book The Work of Hope, Rich spoke with people from around the country on their true aspirations for the country: starting small and taking local action; working together as Americans can no longer do it alone; becoming a more compassionate society; and much more.

Rich will be live tweeting on his Twitter account and posting to his Facebook account throughout the convention, including during speeches by John Boehner, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney, as well as other leaders in the Republican party. Rich will weigh in on whether the speakers are actually listening to Americans, or if it will just be politics as usual.

Also, at the end of the convention, be on the look-out for a special blog from Rich as he analyzes the convention and the party's plans for the American people.

Stay tuned next week as Rich will give the same treatment for the DNC!