The Harwood Institute's Annual Public Innovators Summit produces insightful discussion

Over the past weekend, Rich Harwood and the staff of The Harwood Institute hosted community and organizational leaders from across the country at the Institute's Annual Public Innovators Summit. The attendees, from organizations such as the American Library Association, National Center for Media Engagement and Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as well as representatives from our Beacon Communities including Sarasota, FL; Battle Creek, MI; Las Vegas, NV; and Youngstown, OH spent two days talking about civic engagement while in South Carolina.

The discussions crossed through a variety of topics, including wrestling with the role of love in civic work, the difference between safe space and hospitable space in a community, and how we must learn to lead while at the same time making ourselves vulnerable to learn.

The participants, along with the Harwood team, left the Summit eager to continue working for the greater good with a renewed spirit that there are others travelling alongside them.

You can view a gallery of the event here.