Rich Harwood Q&A with The Center for High Impact Philanthropy

Philanthropy That Fits: Defining Your Impact With the Community
The Center for High Impact Philanthropy
Q&A with Rich Hardwood
December 13, 2013

Defining the impact you seek is the first step towards becoming a high-impact giver. So, how can you make sure you’re doing it right? In our recent “Five Myths and a Question” series, we talked about a key question underlying any impact definition process: Who defines impact, and for whom? In particular, how can the voices of beneficiaries be heard and included so that the impact a donor seeks is meaningful to the communities they hope to serve?  We hear from many donors eager to tackle this challenge and achieve a greater and more meaningful impact, but it can be difficult to move from good intentions to real-life practice.

In our new blog series on “Philanthropy That Fits,” we’ll present resources to help donors bridge the divide from intention to practice. For our first installment, we sought out Rich Harwood, founder and president of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation and a long-time practitioner in community change, politics and public life. In our interview, Rich talked about the steps the Harwood Institute takes to incorporate the beneficiary voice in practice and gives some concrete tips for donors who want to do the same:

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