Rich Harwood in The Huffington Post about our new goal

The Huffington Post
Our New Goal: 5,000 Trained Public Innovators Ready to Change the Country
Richard Harwood
Feb 25. 2014

I'm glad to announce today The Harwood Institute's plan to train 5,000 new Public Innovators by 2016. Public innovators are individuals with the mindset and skills to catalyze and drive productive change in communities and change how communities work together. We'll also grow our Public Innovators Corps to 100,000 members -- individuals who actively support this new direction and use our approach to better their communities, organizations and lives.

We've put this stake in the ground to counter the growing toxic public discourse, division and mistrust in our society. There is an urgent need to make community a common enterprise. Even the best leaders, organizations, and citizens cannot make progress alone in the existing environment. We must pull together in a common direction.

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