Rich Harwood on Innovation Trail discussing Public Innovators

Innovative policy and community engagement keys to renewal
By Matthew Leonard
March 3, 2014

Two recent interviews by the Innovation Trail served as reminders of how often the ‘innovation conversation’ is framed in terms of technology and economics, rather than in terms of genuine public policy and dialogue.

They were both broadcast on WXXI's Connections with Evan DawsonInnovation Friday.

Rich Harwood is founder and President of the non-profit Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. Innovation Trail spoke with him in late February about his proposal to train a group of 5,000 public innovators.

Read more and listen to the entire interview here


The Innovation Trail is a collaboration between Six upstate New York public media outlets, led by WXXI, along with WBFO/WNEDWRVOWSKGWMHT andNorth Country Public Radio. The initiative, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), will help the public gain a better understanding of the connection between technological breakthroughs and the revitalization of upstate New York's economy.