Rich Harwood in Colorado Springs for Reclaiming Main Street

Pikes Peak United Way
April 18, 2014

Mr. Harwood is a national expert on community and organizational change and is the author of the ground-breaking report, Citizens and Politics: A View from Main Street. which paved the way for him to become a national leader in rethinking how to improve politics and public life, generate the civic capacity needed to move communities forward, and spur news media to reconnect with their communities, provide more relevant news coverage, and improve public discourse.

Reclaiming Main Street Luncheon

Our community is frustrated with the acrimony and divisiveness in our politics and public life. What do we do about it? How do we get back to the notion that community is a common enterprise?

These topics and more will be discussed at this thought-provoking luncheon, featuring Rich Harwood, who will address the corrosive effect our current environment is having on our ability to make progress; how we can start to get on a different path as communities and as a country; and why we need a new breed of leaders called Public Innovators - individuals who through intentionality in their judgments and choices create impact and relevancy

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