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Three Key Challenges in Creating Community Impact
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
By Doug Taylor

Creating Community Impact is achievable with some hard work, writes Executive Director and CEO of United Way Australia, Doug Taylor.

It’s not that often that I am able to hang out with my United Way colleagues in the US (as they say, “it’s a long ass way to Australia”).

When I do catch up with them I go into questioning overdrive as I try to extract as many insights as possible that will help the work of United Way Australia and the communities we work with and for.

This was the case on a recent trip to the US that was ostensibly about our new global growth strategy but also a great opportunity to talk to local United Way leaders who are trailblazers in creating Community Impact.

Community Impact is how United Way talks about our collaborative work, like Collective Impact, it’s focused on improving lives by changing community population level outcomes through cross-sectoral collaboration, setting goals and focusing on results.

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