Rich Harwood in The Huffington Post about Public Innovators

What is a Public Innovator?
Richard C. Harwood
April 10, 2014

There's an old adage that half of life is just showing up. Perhaps there's some truth to that. But what about the other half? For public innovators, it's critical. One of the key things that distinguishes public innovators is how they engage in the world around them.

I've been guiding people to become public innovators for over 25 years. Public innovators focus on how they can solve problems in communities and change how people and organizations work together. They are as interested in transforming how things get done as they are in moving the needle on specific challenges. These individuals hold and cherish firm ideals to improve society. They are equally pragmatic in wanting to see results. And they understand the necessity of taking risks but not foolhardy ones.

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