Rich Harwood in the Colorado Springs Gazette about his speech

Community members want change for Colorado Springs, and they want it now
By Monica Mendoza
May 2, 2014

Nearly 200 people attended a luncheon Thursday with a shared desire of leaving political trash talk behind to get the community moving.

They didn't walk away with a grand plan or solutions to Colorado Springs' problems. But there was a collective feeling that there's got to be a change and it's got to be now.

"I think we know that what we are doing is not working," City Councilman Val Snider said.

Pikes Peak United Way brought in speaker Rich Harwood, founder and president of the Maryland-based Harwood Institute, to help community members write an action plan for programs that are most important to them. About 190 people attended the event Thursday, and about 150 stayed to work on an action plan.