Rich Harwood in The Spokesman Review about library project

County libraries get grant for innovation, partnerships
Pia Hallenberg 
May 29, 2014

The Spokane County Library District has received a $50,000 grant from the American Library Association to help the district refine its mission, foster innovation and develop community partnerships.

Nancy Ledeboer, executive director of the library district, said it was a competitive grant process involving applications from 84 libraries across the country.

“They picked 10 and we were one of them,” Ledeboer said.

A five-member team from the library district has just returned from the initial Harwood Institute workshop in Denver. The Harwood Institute is conducting the training.

“It was a packed three days,” Ledeboer said. “We learned so much.”

The Harwood Institute coaches organizations on how to build strong community partnerships in ways that improve public discourse. It began working with the American Library Association two years ago, focusing on the library’s role in community building.

Founder and President Rich Harwood said this time around his organization was looking for libraries that are already doing good work.

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