Rich Harwood in the Spokane Business Journal

Fresh Take on Public Discourse
By Kim Crompton
July 3rd, 2014

Being a longtime observer of the local political scene, particularly as it relates to making the Inland Northwest a business-friendly place that also offers a high quality of life, I find it easy to get discouraged by the endless jurisdictional turf battles, pointless partisan sparring, and lack of a shared vision over how to achieve what should be common goals.

That divisiveness seems sometimes to permeate every facet of public policy and government spending, from environmental protection, waste management, and land use, to street maintenance and providing high-quality education. And the tone of it often seems more shrill than one would expect to hear in the course of normal political wrangling.

When cynicism starts creeping in, though, it always helps to get the feedback of someone who can look at things from a fresh, larger-scale perspective—someone like Rich Harwood.

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