Rich Harwood in Herald-Tribune about Innovating in the newsroom

Editor: Innovating in the newsroom, and beyond
August 2, 2014

The Associated Press Media Editors, a national association of media leaders, has named the Herald-Tribune an Innovator of the Year finalist. The annual journalism award recognizes bold, creative efforts to improve products/services and grow audience.

The Wall Street Journal and The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch also have been named finalists, so it’s understandable why we’re proud that the Herald-Tribune is in the mix.

(A quick pause for disclosure. I’m on the APME national board and have been conference co-chairman for two years. Despite all of the above, I have no influence on the results.)

We’re busily putting together our five-minute video, which will be presented during a national conference in Chicago on Sept. 16. News executives from across the country will see each presentation, then vote for the winner. It’s much like the Major League Baseball All-Star ballot, except on-field performance matters.

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