Rich Harwood on Aspirations into Actions Initiative

Editor: Honing how the community tells its stories
By Bill Church
August 16, 2014

I got a call recently from a nonprofit’s employee. It was under the just-want-to-drop-by-and-meet-you guise, which always is flattering if somewhat puzzling. (After all, I’ve met me.)

After a quick-and-awkward introduction, the staff member pulled out a printed copy of a PowerPoint and attempted to guide me through her organization’s worthiness.

Wait. This was the third time I’d met with this group. No need for a PowerPoint.

But, but … the staff member countered … we’re kind of awesome. See the size of our annual budget?

This wasn’t a drop-by. It was a sales pitch, aspiring to be a story.

I get it, and these meetings happen because the best ideas come from readers and knowledgeable sources.

Unfortunately, the nonprofit’s representative confused four-color PowerPoint slides with an actual storyline.

Business — and life itself — is one continuous sales pitch. The best, real story typically wins.

From wooing the one you love to coaxing a waiter to bring out the real butter, most of us are on a constant quest to find the sweet spot.

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