The Funders Roadmap


If you work at a foundation or are a philanthropist, you want to use your money wisely. This tool will help you better factor in the communities where you are trying to help people and solve problems to get bigger impact. 

We partnered with the ten20 Foundation and Opportunity Child, two leading Australia-based social change organizations, to create a new, free and publicly available tool specifically for funders to better align their investments to the capacity of the communities they are trying to impact. Called the Funders Roadmap, this step-by-step guide will help you make decisions that are not only based on research and expert opinions, but also based on the ability of such efforts to actually work given the norms, networks, relationships and structures that exist in the communities you hope to impact. 

The Funders Roadmap asks you a series of questions about your current or potential programs and strategic investments and provides guidance based on your answers. You can use the tool alone, but having a small team of people use the tool together often creates a better discussion about how to change or improve your funding efforts.