Provocative Conversations

Challenge conventional wisdom on societal issues

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A large part of our success comes from bringing the right people together to have provocative conversations that cut through all the noise and get to the essence of what matters most.

The Harwood Annual Summit


Led by Rich Harwood, the Annual Harwood Summit is an opportunity for up to 50 cross-sector leaders to come together to discuss and work through critical issues that sit at the intersection of their professional and personal lives—issues that are critical but often left unaddressed.

We started the Summit more than a decade ago because leaders said they needed a safe space where they could wrestle with tough and unique challenges they face without the need to perform. At the Summit, there are no PowerPoints, no panels and no presentations. The conversations are deep and most are self-directed.

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Faith Leaders Summit

At a critical time in our nation’s history, Rich Harwood is convening a Faith Leaders Summit, where leaders from across all faiths and denominations can bring their insights, wisdom and credibility to explore how to re-invigorate civic faith in our country and take action in their local communities and nationwide.

The Summit is planned for early 2019. It will include 50-60 faith leaders—large enough for diverse, robust discussion, yet small enough to create necessary intimacy, conversation and relationship building.

This is not an ordinary interfaith convening where faith leaders seek to identify common ground between their faiths. Rather, it is safe space for faith leaders to examine, work through and speak to how to advance our belief in ourselves and in one another in a country gripped by division and polarization and flagging hope.

The Summit will intentionally convene faith leaders from cities and towns across America, leaders who have their feet on the ground, grappling daily with the effects of division and fear. They are uniquely positioned to help be a force for good in the nation through their local communities.

If you would like learn more about the Faith Leaders Summit, please contact Colleen Bowman at or 301-656-3669.