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Public Innovator Lab Resources

Congratulations on becoming a Public Innovator. Here's more Lab resources as you continue to grow your practice.


Lab Videos

  1. Welcome to The Harwood Public Innovators Lab (4:52)
  2. Another Video (3:31)
  3. Yet Another Video (3:31)
  4. Another Video Here (3:31)
  5. Another Video Topic of Things (3:31)
  6. Another Video Created by Me (3:31)
  7. Another Video for You and Your Colleagues (3:31)
  8. Just Another Video Made by Us (3:31)
  9. I Should Have Another Video for You (3:31)
  10. Another Video Sans Cats (3:31)
  11. We're Happy Another Video is Complete (3:31)

Additional Lab Guides are available for download.

Our lab materials are the result of thirty-years of development and effort. To keep them updated as we continue to grow and learn requires constant reinvestment. To help us, we're asking you to contribute $15 per extra copy.

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