Training & Coaching

Turn Outward to accelerate your impact 

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Our training and coaching, distilled from 30 years of work, will allow you to build stronger relationships with your community and create relevant strategies that deliver impact.

Through our training and coaching, you will learn the mindset, behaviors and practical skills to Turn Outward and apply them to your own context. 


Public Innovators Labs


A 2.5-day immersion in the Institute’s practice of Turning Outward. The Lab focuses on five key areas that help to drive the success and impact of local efforts either in-person or online.


Become a Partner


Many organizations, communities and networks want to spread and embed The Harwood Institute’s practice of Turning Outward widespread. We have innovated the strategies and methods to do this. 

Public Voice Reports


For nearly 30 years, The Harwood Institute has been producing “Public Voice Reports” that help to uncover how people feel about important issues—their aspirations, the challenges they see and what progress together would look like.