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Our Story

Learn more about the mission, work and history of The Harwood Institute.


Being Turned Outward

Learn what it means to Turn Outward – to use the community, not your conference
room, as your reference point for choices and action. 

The 3A's of Public Life

Based on years of research and work, The Harwood Institute has developed a set of touchstones for thinking about and making daily choices when it comes to being Turned Outward.

We call these touchstones The 3A’s of Public Life – Authority, Authenticity and Accountability. 

Community Rhythms: The 5 Stages of Community Life

The five stages of community life help explain why some communities move faster and others slower when it comes to change. Each stage has its own implications, or do’s and don'ts.

Putting Community in Collective Impact

Rich Harwood leads a conversation about engaging communities in collective impact efforts, the importance of civic culture, and how funders can work within civic culture to achieve success for their collective impact initiatives.

From the May 2014 convening Catalyzing Large Scale Change: The Funder's Role in Collective Impact hosted by The Collective Impact Forum.

Reclaiming Main Street

Rich Harwood, Founder and President of The Harwood Institute giving the keynote speech at The Spirit of Snohomish County Breakfast sponsored by United Way of Snohomish County. This tour stop was a part of Rich's nationwide Reclaiming Main Street campaign.