Our Approach: Turning Outward

We want people to get off the path of the status quo and onto a path of possibility and hope. That starts with Turning Outward. 

Turning Outward means using the community, not your conference room, as the main reference point for decisions – from the strategies you and your partners pursue, the partners you choose, how you start and then grow your efforts over time, and even how you structure and run your internal organization.

If you Turn Outward and make more intentional judgments and choices in creating change, you will produce greater impact and relevance in your community.

We use a series of frameworks we’ve developed over the past 25 years to create this shift in people’s approach and then coach them over time to apply those frameworks to their organization, their community work, and even their own day-to-day lives as community leaders.

to be turned outward, we teach people to:

  1. Identify community issues rooted in people’s shared aspirations.
  2. Develop strategies that fit their community’s context.
  3. Create the community conditions that enable change to take hold.
  4. Forge relationships with the right partners to run with.
  5. Build networks for innovation and learning.
  6. Adopt the right metrics to gauge progress.
  7. Cultivate can-do narratives in their organizations and the community.

We have a series of products to help you, your organization or your community become more Turned Outward.  Learn more →