A three-part, practical approach to move society forward


We exist in a long tradition
of small organizations throughout history that have made outsized contributions to improving society.

We are a nonpartisan, independent nonprofit
fueled by a strong entrepreneurial culture, bottom-line sensibility and no-nonsense commitment to excellence. We began as a for-profit, and everything we do remains market-tested.

We have established a global footprint
through lean budgets and staffing.

We are not consultants or a think tank.
We coach and build local capacity.

We create breakthroughs
on how to address the hardest and most vital societal challenges.

We’ve boot-strapped since our founding,
as other groups with more resources have closed down.

For 30 years, we have innovated and developed a three-part, practical approach to move communities and society forward.


Civic Faith

Rich Harwood, Founder and President of The Harwood Institute, has spent over three decades developing the idea of Civic Faith—a philosophy that holds that placing people, community and shared responsibility at the center of our shared lives will create a more hopeful society.

Turn Outward Practice

Too many leaders and organizations are turned inward, focused—often unintentionally—on themselves and their organizations at the expense of their communities. We have a philosophy of Civic Faith and the Turning Outward practice allows you to act on it.

How Change Happens

Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned that how we work together is as important as what we do. Embracing the latest fad, simply spending huge sums of money, or taking one-size fits-all approaches will not help society create the change people seek or re-invigorate civic faith.