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Turning outward, together.

To strengthen communities, we need a network of trained professionals who have the skills, tools, and support to make change. But first, we need a common language.


People have lost trust in organizations and institutions who are striving to help those very people. They are frustrated by an inability to come together and solve our common challenges. They feel voiceless and powerless, but want to make a difference.

At the same time, well-intentioned leaders and organizations have become removed from the reality of peoples' lives. Often, we become inwardly focused, professionalized, driven by best practices, evaluating big data, and coordinating processes at all cost. Yet, we don't have the results we need.

Turning Outward is a way to reorient ourselves, our communities, and our institutions toward finding a new path forward.


Turning Outward

Turning Outward is a fundamental mindset shift necessary to authentically understand an engage communities. It helps you use your community—not your conference room—as the reference point for your choices and actions.

This methodology—honed over the past 30-years of research and experience—is the first step in transforming yourself and your team in service of your broader goals.


The Turning Outward approach is rooted in five core ideas:


Packaging Our Approach

We develop people in our approach through experiential learning and coaching so that you learn how to use the ideas and practices to make better choices about your work. We work with you to adopt our approach so that it becomes part of how live and work day in and day out.

To learn more about how we package our approach to support your efforts, check out our services.


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by Rich Harwood