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Australia, we're here.

The Harwood Institute is committed to helping Australia's communities. That's why we're investing in our team and building new partnerships with local organizations and companies.


Thanks to our amazing partners throughout Australia, we've trained over 300 Public Innovators. As a result, government agencies and non-government organizations are learning to Turn Outward, engage their communities, and develop more impactful programs through the Harwood practice.


Upcoming: Sydney

Past labs: Sydney (2014, 2016, 2017), Perth (2017), Melborne (2017) — make boxes

South East Sydney Local Health District Lab (SESLHD) is drawing government and non-government partners together in a place based health initiative in Maroubra. They are using Harwood practice with a 40 participant Lab starting on Feb 14th.


Opportunities / Offerings – (need clear picture of offerings) – Lab, Coaching, Webinars, Aus specific vlab?

We have a team – Rich, Brian, Michael, Michelle

accomplishments – funders roadmap, feb SESLHD lab results, Careways Illawarra

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Meet our Australia team.