Carlton Sears
Senior Fellow
Certified Coach

Carlton is a Harwood Certified Coach with 40 years experience leveraging the assets of public institutions to strengthen communities.  The Harwood Institute came to his attention while Executive Director of a 200–employee non-profit corporation that operates a library system.  Harwood’s insights to the underlying conditions of change resonated immediately with Carlton’s years of experience in non-profit and governmental sectors in New York, Alabama, North Carolina, and Ohio.  Those insights found their way into his organization’s strategic plan and the rest is history.  Today the library has successfully transformed into a trusted community asset and annual income has doubled to $18 million.  Carlton recently retired from the library system to become a full-time Harwood coach – supporting others desiring to make good on their urge to do good.

Carlton’s embrace of the Harwood approach led to speaking engagements across the United States and national recognition – he received the Urban Library Council’s Urban Player of the Year Award in 2005 and the Alumni Citation from Wittenberg University.  In addition to a Master’s in Library Science, Carlton is a graduate of the Kellogg Leadership Institute and serves in leadership positions with Rotary, Salvation Army, his church, a children’s science center, and a regional addiction treatment and prevention agency.

Carlton exercises regularly, enjoys golf and writes of insights gained through Turning Outward