The Harwood Institute has a nearly 30-year track record in fighting the negative conditions that hold communities back and creating new conditions that propel them forward. 

We have:

  • Trained more than 5,000 public innovators, while thousands more are using our tools and frameworks to drive change on their own. These individuals are a force for change in their communities and beyond. 

  • Spread our practice through many of the world's largest nonprofit networks, including AARP, the American Library Association, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Goodwill Industries International and United Way Worldwide.

  • Helped dozens of communities bridge divides and find common ground on complex and divisive issues - health care, education, public safety, etc. 

  • Expanded our global footprint to include Australia, Canada and other countries where people are also struggling with bringing communities together to get things done.

A Few of Our Current and Past Partners

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