The Harwood Institute and The Patterson Foundation launch new initative

Using aspirations to guide communities on a better path forward
August 11, 2014

People across the country feel the nation is not on the right track. They’re tired of public discourse filled with acrimony and divisiveness. They believe too many people and organizations are focused on their own good at the expense of the common good. They wonder how we will make progress on the challenges that confront our communities. So what can communities do to change this and find a better path forward?

There are practical steps we can take, which is what my organization, The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, has been focused on for more than 25 years. Now, together with The Patterson Foundation, we’re embarking on a year-long initiative to help local individuals and groups come together in new and different ways and make the community the reference point for getting things done.

The initiative, “Aspirations to Actions” will help develop what I call public innovators –individuals with a can-do mindset who are turned outward to their communities, focused on people’s shared aspirations, and know how to bring people and groups together to produce progress. To build stronger communities, we must spend less time talking about what we’re against and more time focused on what we’re for.

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