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United Way teaming with Colorado Springs Forward to shape public policy
By Monica Mendoza
September 8, 2014

A longtime community organization that relies on a corps of volunteers for quality of life issues is working with a newly formed organization that has the goal of shaping Colorado Springs public policy.

Pikes Peak United Way is ready to appoint a task force to study three issues that rose as top priorities in dozens of community meetings in recent months. Those issues are education, income and health.

Simultaneously, a group of businessmen and women have pledged to spend $100,000 to campaign in favor of a stormwater initiative on the ballot in November. It's the first major agenda item of Colorado Springs Forward, a group modeled after Colorado Concern in Denver made up of 100 CEOs who spend money on political campaigns and issues.

Both efforts were born out of frustration over the local political scene and a feeling that the city was in a holding pattern, said John Cassiani, executive director of Colorado Springs Forward.

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