Harwood Institute in Colorado Springs Gazette about United Way project

Politicians on hand as United Way project gets under wayBy Monica Mendoza
September 13, 2014 

A group of volunteers put on their painting pants, grabbed paint brushes and went to work on the Soda Springs Park band shell in Manitou Springs early Saturday morning.

It was a small painting party of about 50 volunteers to freshen up the weathered band shell but it seemed to represent something more.

"As the little group starts then a little momentum starts, which creates bigger momentum," said Kent Fortune, who was among 30 volunteers from the Colorado Springs USAA campus. "If we - the citizens - get out there and start showing the importance of what we believe in. Then, I think people around us will start believing in that as well."

The painting project was organized by a re-energized Pikes Peak Untied Way group working toward "reclaiming Main Street." The group wants to move past politics and into action, said Jason Wood, Pikes Peak United Way president and CEO.

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