The Harwood Institute Announces its First Recipient of the Public Innovator Excellence Award

The Harwood Institute is pleased to announce that Cheryl Gorman is the first recipient of the Harwood Public Innovator Excellence Award. The Institute will present this award to individuals who embody what it means to be a public innovator, demonstrating their ability to create positive change in people’s lives with courage, humility, and integrity. Gorman accepted the award at the Institute’s Board of Directors meeting in Bethesda, Md., Feb. 1.

“In creating this award, we knew it was important to find an initial recipient that truly embodied the kind of person we had in mind,” said Rich Harwood, president and founder of the Institute. “It was clear to others and to me that we needed to start with one of our own and that Cheryl fit the bill.”

Gorman, a Harwood senior fellow, certified coach and representative of the Institute in Canada, is a proven change leader. Through her various roles with the Institute, she has helped hundreds of leaders in communities across the U.S., Canada and Australia learn to Turn Outward and create more impact through their efforts to solve public challenges and strengthen communities.

Gorman owns a consulting practice, Integrare Consulting, and has worked with organizations including the HR Council of the Nonprofit Sector, United Way Worldwide, the Caledon Institute of Social Policy and United Way Centraide Canada. She holds an M.A. in Organizational Management and Development, specializing in large-scale system change, from Fielding Graduate University, an Honours BA from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University, a Teacher’s Certificate from the Province of Ontario and a Principal’s Certificate from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is a former educator, committed volunteer and has served on local and national nonprofit boards.

We will have more information on how you can nominate people for the Public Innovator Excellence Award in our April 2017 newsletter.