Harwood Institute Announces Partnership with Temple Micah

The Harwood Institute Announces Partnership with Temple Micah

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation is proud to announce a partnership with Temple Micah, a Jewish congregation based in Washington, D.C. with a long tradition of growth and innovation.

The objective of this partnership is to develop a roadmap for Temple Micah’s future as they seek to maintain the vibrancy and remain grounded in their core values. This roadmap will also focus on building community by actively engaging its members, strengthening congregational leadership and developing expanded congregational ownership over the future.

In Temple Micah’s Vine article announcing this initiative, Rabbi Danny Zemel described the partnership as, “The most exciting opportunity for growth and self reflection since we bought the land on Wisconsin Avenue to envision our future.”

At The Harwood Institute, we believe in the important role of faith organizations in communities. When describing the importance of this partnership with Temple Micah, Rich Harwood, President & Founder of The Harwood Institute, said “Micah is rooted in authenticity, and congregant-led action. It is conversation-driven and transparent.”

The Harwood Institute’s team will be working with the leadership at Temple Micah to develop and implement this roadmap over the next year. This roadmap is not a detailed blueprint, but rather a living framework that sets a trajectory for the future, helps guide future choices and decisions and is intended to evolve over time.

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