July 23, 2019 Newsletter

A2A Live! Public Innovators in Action at the Harwood Summit


The Patterson Foundation, major partner of The Harwood Institute since 2012, will be sponsoring a Public Innovator from their Aspirations to Actions Initiative to attend the Annual Harwood Summit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA on September 19 - 21. We're excited to meet the winner!

The Harwood Summit is a unique three-day opportunity for leaders to tackle current challenges, wrestle with implications for their professional and personal lives, and authentically engage with a highly diverse group of people. Consider sponsoring someone from your organization to attend the Harwood Summit!

The Urgent Need for Acts of Loving Kindness

Rich Harwood’s latest blog post makes the case for more acts of loving kindness. He writes, “These acts may not bring about the transformational societal change that you or I seek. They will, however, re-sensitize us to one another. They will, however, awaken some of our deadened senses. They will, however, shine a small light in what can be dark times. They will lift spirits and make us more human.”

In this week’s episode of the Harwood Half Hour, Rich provides three questions to help you engage in acts of loving kindness.

Aligning Strategies to Aspirations: The Denver Public Library

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 9.18.29 AM.png

Using the Harwood approach, the Denver Public Library has undertaken wide-ranging, strategic community engagement efforts, reaching out to the greater Denver community to discover its aspirations, concerns and needs.

In an interview with the American Library Association, Erika Martinez, Director of Communications and Community Engagement, shares how the Harwood practice transformed and catalyzed the Denver Public Library’s efforts to connect with the broader community and build alliances across the city.

Going Deeper With Public Innovation

The next in-person Public Innovators Lab will be held in Atlanta, GA on October 15 - 17. It’s two days of in-depth training for how you can accelerate your impact and create positive, lasting change in your community. At the Lab, you will focus on five core competencies:

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Registration for the Fall 2019 Virtual Lab is Open!

Interested in attending a Public Innovators Lab, but can’t travel to Atlanta? Register for the Virtual Lab! You can become trained to Turn Outward from your laptop. The Virtual Public Innovators Lab is an 8-week online course where you’ll learn how to engage with your community, build allies, construct effective strategy, and become a more intentional community leader.