Mobilize and inspire your community

Build local capacity for change

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How do we bring people together when it feels like our society is breaking apart?

How can we unleash a greater sense of shared responsibility among us?

How can we be a part of something larger than ourselves to truly make a difference in our communities?

How can we personally find the courage and humility to take such a path?

Rich Harwood helps find the answers. Over the past 30 years, Rich has innovated and developed a new philosophy and practice of how communities can solve shared problems, create a culture of shared responsibility and deepen people’s civic faith.

The Harwood practice of Turning Outward has spread to all 50 U.S. States and is being used in 40 countries. Rich has helped solve some of the most challenging problems in the hardest-pressed communities in America. His experience working on the ground to build capacity and coalitions for change gives him a unique, powerful insight on bridging divides.  

If you want to inspire and mobilize people in your community or group to take a new perspective on how we can get things done together, then bring Rich to speak and meet with your key stakeholders.

Rich's Keynote at the United Way SLC Conference

Rich on Waving the Community's Flag

Putting Community in Collective Impact – Rich Harwood