Get Started in Turning Outward

You don't need to be trained in our approach or an expert to use these tools to get on an alternate path.



When we talk with others about our aspirations we improve the chances that we can find some common ground to come together and get things done. Use this Harwood in a Half Hour on your own and then try it in a group setting – we have an Aspirations Facilitators Guide to help in leading the conversation!


Turn Outward

Turning Outward makes the community and the people the reference point for getting things done. Are you mostly turned inward or outward? Use the quiz to find out…



When we become more intentional about the choices we do make we can have far greater impact. After completing this Harwood in a Half Hour take another look at intentionality with this personal essay by Rich Harwood.

Sustaining Yourself.jpg

Sustaining Yourself

Getting people across the community to work together takes a great deal of personal commitment and energy. It’s important to make sure you keep your own “batteries charged” when you do this valuable and often difficult work.


The Funders Roadmap

If you work at a foundation or are a philanthropist, you want to use your money wisely. This tool will help you better factor in the communities where you are trying to help people and solve problems to get bigger impact. 


The Board Engagement Roadmap

Use this simple tool by yourself, with your staff, or with your board to help figure out simple ways to get everyone focused beyond the bottom line.


Your Board Engagement Checklist

Use this checklist to help engage your Board in Turning Outward


Building a Turned Outward Organizational Culture

Use this tool to identify ways to build a more Turned Outward organizational culture. 


Making More Strategic Investments

These questions and steps should be used to guide your decisions, whether you think you need to start with small changes or feel you are ready to “go big.”  


Turning Outward to Engage Donors

Build stronger relationships with potential donors. Use the scale on the first page to rate yourself against the five steps on the following pages


Making it Real: How to Make Civic Engagement a Public Sensibility 

Use this workbook to go through seven different ways that you can infuse civic engagement practices throughout your public work