Introducing the Studio on Community

Rich Harwood has created a studio within The Harwood Institute to support special efforts to advance new ideas for strengthening communities and society in a rapidly changing world. The studio will serve as the Institute’s research, innovation, and demonstration hub at the Institute.  

In the studio, Rich—along with a team of associates—will explore topics such as:

  • The emergence and meaning of a new American narrative

  • The importance of belief and a can-do spirit in moving communities and countries forward

  • New mechanisms and spaces for bridging societal divides and engaging individuals in collective efforts

  • A new approach to shared responsibility in communities

  • The role of civic rituals in society

  • The renewed role for the human element in civic and political affairs.

The studio is currently in the process of launching a number of efforts with partners; putting plans together for covenings and similar events; and developing and testing new tools to help people in communities move their work forward.

Studios have long existed as a combination workshop and space where the act of reflection can merge with acts of production. Studios have been filled with associates who both seek to contribute to those efforts, while developing their own ideas and skills. Rich and a high-performing team of individuals now have the opportunity to innovate together and advance and incubate new ideas, projects and initiatives.

The Studio is currently hosting two associates and is recruiting more to begin their terms this fall. For those interested in becoming an associate, learn more here or contact us at