Newspaper wins award for coverage of local Harwood initiative

Congrats to former Winchester Sun reporter Seth Littrell, whose coverage of The Harwood Institute’s initiative with the Greater Clark Foundation in Clark County, KY, garnered 1 of 21 Kentucky Press Association Awards earned by the Sun this year. Publisher Mike Caldwell is one of dozens of community leaders adopting our ideas and practices to strengthen the community. The article can be read here.

The Greater Clark Foundation asked the Institute to partner with them to grow the capacity of the community to work together on addressing shared challenges. The two-year initiative began with the Institute training more than 75 local leaders from across sectors in a Public Innovators Lab. There they learned the fundamentals of how to listen and engage residents and use that knowledge to work on challenges in a way that also improves the conditions that make communities work. The Institute is providing follow-up training and coaching support to help leaders apply what they learned in tangible ways to create more impact and a new trajectory for the community.

Prior to the launch of this initiative, the Institute led community conversations to learn more about people’s aspirations and concerns and their lived experiences. This knowledge was compiled into a report that was used to recruit participants to the initiative and also provide the community a roadmap for moving forward.

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