Who Do You Trust? Send Us Your Nominees

One of the central challenges people are wrestling with today is: “Who can they trust?” Look at current headlines and news reports, listen to your own conversations, and it is clear there’s a problem. So, today, tell me which leaders you trust. When you do, I’ll send both you and the leader you told us about a free copy of Make Hope Real. Let’s generate a robust list together to demonstrate that good leaders still do exist.

There are more than enough people who seem to have lost our trust. In sports, Roger Clemens and Tiger Woods head up the list (maybe Lance Armstrong is next). Iconic politicians like U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel now face corruption charges, while many people are uncertain about candidates in today’s primaries across the country. Captains of industry – from BP, Goldman Sachs, and Hewlett Packard, among others – have all fallen from grace. Then, there’s the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which only reminds people of their lack of faith in government leaders.

But I also know that there are good leaders out there who people do trust. And so I invite you to recognize those leaders, from all walks of life – politics, sports, faith community, government, your neighborhood, and wherever else you find them. They do not need to hold an official position.

Write below in the comment section your entry. Tell me: (1) who is the leader you trust; (2) why? (3) Email your mailing address to thi@theharwoodinstitute.org

I want to generate a list of leaders we trust –think of it as an antidote to the lack of trust that pervades so much of society today. Join in and I’ll send you and the leader you tell us about a free copy of Make Hope Real.