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The Urgent Need for Acts of Loving Kindness

“Hey bud, here you go.” I looked over to my right when hearing these words, only to see a young man handing a meal to an older homeless gentleman sitting on the sidewalk. I know, there’s a long debate about whether such an action actually helps those in need. But in the world in which we live, we need all the acts of loving kindness we can muster.

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My Flag Lapel Pin

Last week, in Oak Park, IL, right outside Chicago, I kicked off my two-year, nationwide speaking tour. I’ll have more to say about the tour in the coming days. But, for now, I simply want to talk about why I decided to wear an American flag lapel pin at each tour event and why I have chosen to openly discuss it in my speeches. Many people are downright surprised by this.

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Using Guns as Political Weapons

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York where lots of people owned guns for hunting. Now, each summer, alone with my two dogs, I go for two weeks to a cabin in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains; this is even more rural and remote upstate New York, where even more people own guns and hunt. Hunting is an act of joy for many people. But when guns become a political weapon, nothing good comes of it.

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