Turning Outward: Think Beyond Self to Impact Community

Rich Harwood Set to Speak at August 21 Metro Hartford Alliance Rising Star Breakfast; part of United Way Community Campaign Kickoff

HARTFORD, CT - Ask Rich Harwood a question about the upcoming presidential election or business issues on Main Street and Wall Street, and the founder of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation will point to turning outward. He believes that organizations and individuals are more impactful when they think beyond their internal workings and empower others to contribute to and create changes in their communities.

Harwood, a national business, community and political expert, award-winning author and change agent, will speak at the Metro Hartford Alliance’s Rising Star Breakfast on Tuesday, August 21 from 8-9 a.m. Harwood’s strategy and philosophy have played a key role in United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut’s (UWCNCT) work to advance the common good in its 40-town region. This event also aligns with UWCNCT’s Community Campaign kickoff.

Harwood will cover some extremely timely and relevant issues in his keynote, many of which relate to businesses and politics. They include:

  • Current conditions in America that adversely impact society.
  • Community empowerment; people working together for the common good.
  • A new direction for the country focusing on hope and possibility.
  • Turning outward toward the challenges we face.

“People seek to kick-start a new trajectory - a new direction for the country, a new sense of hope and possibility,” said Harwood. “This new trajectory will take shape only through actions that start small, and locally, between and among people, where people can begin close to home, on a human scale”

United Way is a dynamic, year-round movement focused on advancing the common good in our communities. We have the unique ability, vision and resources to bring together diverse stakeholders around a community vision of creating positive change to achieve long-lasting results. United Way Community Investment – the choice for positive change – is the giving option focused on advancing the common good. Our community priorities to advance the common good are:

  • Education: Children enter school ready to learn
  • Income: Families become financially stable
  • Health: Our community is healthy
  • Safety Net: Our basic needs are met