11 Year Old Calls Out Public Officials

Well, here's a must-see video of an 11 year-old boy calling out the conduct of Dallas City Council members for failing to truly listen to people who speak before them. Young David Williams goes to the heart of what troubles so many Americans about their elected officials nowadays.

Williams' mom brought him to the city council meeting as part of a home schooling civics lesson. She wanted him to see and experience "role models," as she put it in a Dallas television interview. Instead, what he witnessed were council members who were walking around, talking to each other, and simply not paying attention as Dallas citizens spoke before them.

When Williams himself went up to the microphone, he asked: "Do you find it acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?" Wow!

Williams' punctured the arrogant behavior of those elected officials, holding them accountable in ways the rest of us often only dream about. His 'innocence' only made the question even more potent. Williams' reminds us of the power of a simple question, and how it begs for an authentic response.

Lest one worry or think Williams was grandstanding, he wasn't. His probing question came only after he had asked the council questions that focused on school safety and teachers carrying handguns, which is what he really came to discuss. But, sitting in the council chambers, he realized something was amiss, and so he stepped forward and spoke his mind.

One last point: Williams engaged council members with a level of respect they failed to afford him and others. In return, one of the council members responded by finally showing Williams the respect he deserved. Let’s hope that two rights will undo this often-too-familiar wrong.

Let me know what you think of this young man and what he did. Then, please share this post with others so they can watch the video and engage, too.