A Special Announcement About My New Book

I know you share my concern about where our country is, and where we are heading. I know you believe, as I do, we can do better. We must find ways to bring out the best in us—the best of us.

But how? What will actually work in these hard times?

Today, I’m delighted to launch my new book, Stepping Forward: A Positive Practical Path to Transform Our Communities and Our LivesYou can pre-order it here.

Book-Cover-Mockup-1 copy.png

I wrote the book to sound a call that we don’t need to accept what’s happening in the country, and that there is a more positive, practical way forward. The book is part of a two-year campaign where I am engaging people across the nation on how we can make real progress amid our differences and divisions.

Stepping Forward lays out a new path—a more hopeful path. Where we rediscover what we share in common and how we can build upon it. Where we value and draw upon the wherewithal, know-how and wisdom we already have to improve our lives and communities. Where we bring a greater sense of purpose and meaning back into our own individual lives.

The reality is that we are increasingly separating from one another. A contentious tone dominates our public discourse. There’s a profound sense of mistrust of our institutions and leaders. This didn’t just start in 2016. More fundamental steps are required than simply changing who sits in the White House or Congress.

The change we need starts in our local communities. Each of us can—must—step forward to make this happen. This book is a blueprint for how we can move forward, together.

I have a personal rule not to use these Sunday Letters to promote The Harwood Institute or ask you to support our efforts. Today, I am getting right up close to the line. But, honestly, I believe so deeply we must get on a more inclusive, hopeful path—where every person is afforded human dignity and has a real shot at the American Dream. This book offers a path forward.

Join me in this effort. Pre-order your copy of Stepping Forward today. Engage others in reading it. Use it to build allies and create more positive change.

Let’s restore our belief and can-do spirit that we can get things done, together.