South Eastern Sydney Local Health District launches expanded partnership

The Harwood Institute recently completed a Public Innovators Lab training for 40 staff and partners of the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD). Over 18 months, Certified Harwood Coaches—including two Australian coaches— will be supporting participants in generating strategies and actions that make SESLHD and its health resources more relevant, significant and impactful in the life of the community, particularly in its emerging place-based work.

This work marks an expansion of the Institute’s partnership with SESLHD. In 2016, six SESLHD staff attended the second Sydney Lab, and Harwood coaches provided a workshop for an additional 30. The staff of SESLHD are embedding the Institute’s ideas and practices into their work; specifically, they have been using what they have learned to engage the communities in which they work and to create new strategies and approaches that better take their community context into account.

The District covers a complex mix of highly urbanised areas, industrialised areas and low density suburbs and in 2017 has a population of over 900,000 people. The health services it provides include in-hospital care, outpatient services, population health programs and services, primary health care, community health/home based services, imaging and pathology, among others.

The Institute currently has capacity to train and coach additional partners in Australia and is looking for organisations who are serious about understanding their community and want to work toward sustainable change that makes a real difference. Learn more about how we can work with you to accelerate your impact.