Path for Change

We all share the desire to create change and make our neighborhood, community, or city a better place to live. And we all have within us the capacity to make a difference and create a lasting impact. But change doesn’t come easy. It takes more than good intentions and hard work. Creating new pathways for change requires that we examine our personal assumptions about how public life works and how it can work. It requires that we stay rooted and connected with the impulse — the urge within — that first called us to public work. And it requires a deep understanding of how communities grow and evolve — and the strategic steps we can take to accelerate that progress.

For public innovators — people with a passion for change and a commitment to the common good — the path for change is a practice, not a process. It is a way of seeing possibilities and making choices that create an alignment for change.

Harwood Online lets you actively explore and apply a set of proven ideas, frameworks, and tools that the Harwood Institute has developed over the past 20 years to strengthen than practice. It also lets you connect with other public innovators who share a passion for change and are making an impact in their communities.

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