Youngstown leaders join forces to reform education

Local leaders in Youngstown, many of whom have been using Harwood tools and ideas, have stepped forward to help lead an effort to understand the city's aspirations for education, and ensure that school reform reflect's people's concerns  in the context of the community.

Led by Harwood Coach and Director of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County, Carlton Sears, the group has received support from the The Raymond John Wean Foundation and enlisted The Harwood Institute for guidance in the process. The group will speak with the people of Youngstown to determine their aspirations for the community, and what obstacles are preventing the city from reaching those goals.

In contrast to other approaches, the core team of Youngstown citizens embedded in the community is committed to creating an effort rooted in the city that creates opportunity for people across the community to contribute.

Once complete, the group will provide an actionable plan to the school board around the change the residents in the community seek. The work done in Youngstown will set an example for communities throughout the country that, when concerned citizens engage with the members of the community with a common goal in mind, both positive and tangible change can be achieved.