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School Reform: Test and Punish Parents

This Sunday another salvo in the school reform battle hit The New York Times in the form of an article the title of which was, “Whose Failing Grade Is it?” by Lisa Belkin. The piece discusses new state-based efforts to punish parents if their kids don’t show up at school and perform certain tasks. But, is this the form of accountability we really want and need?

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A New Ethic for Education Mobilization

Last week I wrote about whether public school transformation was now dead in Washington, D.C. as a result of Mayor Adrian Fenty’s election defeat. Now, this week, in New York City, NBC News and a host of partners are putting on “Education Nation” to raise ideas and spark discussion about how to change public schools. In both instances, there’s a key ingredient to success missing: creating a new ethic in the nation for mobilizing people to transform public schools.

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