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These days, people in communities often lack confidence in the ability of various groups, organizations and leaders to do what’s right and create positive change. And yet “confidence” sits at the core of our ability to bring people together to work across boundaries, put aside turf battles, and find better ways to move ahead. Last week at the Public Innovators Summit we asked the participants two questions: What will it take to engender people’s confidence in our ability to do things together? What does this mean for the work you do? How would you answer these questions?

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Obama: Call more summits

I know people have said the health care summit came and went with scant notice – that it was either a naïve or cynical political move. But we should look again. There’s genuine potential in holding a series of summits that the Obama Administration should seize. It would be good politics; even more, a real contribution for the country. Before you dismiss me out of hand, please read on.

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